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・下記の論文がEcological Researchに受理されました (2024.05.27)

Nakahama N*§, Hamano T, Fujimoto M, Eto A. (2024)

Utilization of abandoned land as cattle grazing restores butterfly and flowering plant diversities in Japan.

Ecological Research, (in press)

・下記の論文がEntomological Scienceでweb出版されました (2024.04.18)

Ueda S, Nakasuji C, Nakahama N, Hirai N, Ishii M. (2024)

Development of microsatellite markers for the endangered butterfly Luehdorfia japonica Leech, 1889 (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae).

Entomological Science, (in press)

下記の論文が 保全生態学研究でWeb出版されました (2024.02.22)

中濵直之, 井鷺裕司. (2024)


保全生態学研究, (in press)


・下記の論文が Ecology and Evolutionで出版されました (2024.02.22)

Taichi N, Nakahama N, Ohmido N, Ushimaru A. (2024)

Habitat diversification associated with urban development has little effect on genetic structure in the annual native plant Commelina communis in an East Asian megacity.

Ecology and Evolution, 14: e10975.

・下記の論文がJournal of Insect Conservationに受理されました(2024.01.09)

Hayamizu M*, Nakahama N*, Ohwaki A, Kinoshita G, Uchida Y, Koyama N, Kida K. (Equal Contribution*) (2024)

Effect of mowing on population maintenance of the endangered silver-studded blue butterfly, Plebejus subsolanus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), throughout its life cycle in Japan.

Journal of Insect Conservation, (in press)

中濱直之 (NAKAHAMA Naoyuki)

​兵庫県立大学 自然・環境科学研究所 准教授

兵庫県立人と自然の博物館 自然・環境再生研究部 主任研究員

Associate professor, Institute of Natural and Environmental Sciences, University of Hyogo

Senior Researcher, Division of Ecological Restoration, Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo

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